/api/v2.1/admin/update-user-ccnet-email/ - e-mail not updated

Hello, colleagues.
We have 8.0.7 server community edition and I trying to chage user identity e-mail using REST API call : /api/v2.1/admin/update-user-ccnet-email/
On test system everything is fine.
On prod system call return success, but user e-mail is not canged and all user objects disappears. I can repeat api call, it always return http 200 / { “success”: true }

I turned on trace in mysql. On test server I could see sries of updates, performed by rest api call, such as:

UPDATE RepoOwner SET owner_id='user@anothernew.com' WHERE owner_id='user@none.com'
UPDATE SharedRepo SET from_email='user@anothernew.com' WHERE from_email='user@none.com'
UPDATE SharedRepo SET to_email='user@anothernew.com' WHERE to_email='user@none.com'
UPDATE GroupUser SET user_name='user@anothernew.com' WHERE user_name = 'user@none.com'
UPDATE RepoUserToken SET email='user@anothernew.com' WHERE email='user@none.com'
UPDATE EmailUser SET email='user@anothernew.com' WHERE email='user@none.com'
UPDATE LDAPUsers SET email='user@anothernew.com' WHERE email='user@none.com'

On prod server two UPDATEs are missing: tables EmailUser and LDAPUsers are not updated.

Test system has fresh install of 7.1.5 upgraded to 8.0.7.
Prod system had series of upgrades 6.2.5 → 7.1.4 → 7.1.5 → 8.0.7

Any clues appreciatetd. Best regards, Dmitry.