Are Seafile data files compressible?


I want to introduce a (lower frequency) second level backup of the seafile data files. The first level backup is made nightly with rsync.

Now I wonder if the seafile data files are compressible?
If yes, is it worth the processing time? :smile:

Are there any other recommendations/best practices/experiences regarding backups of the data files?


Should be almost as compressible as your data stored in it.

For backup in general the search should help.

ok thank you!

I compress my 2nd lvl backup with pbzip2. No problems occured, everything worked after trying to restore it.

Thank you for this hint, I didn‘t know pbzib2.
Is it worth for you to use the compression?

My data should consist mainly of pictures, videos and music files. I am not quite sure, as there are lots of documents as well. But just one vacation or family event adds that much binary data that it should be the dominant type.
Therefore I am starting to think about, if its worth to try compression at all… :slight_smile:

My data should consist mainly of

Most typical photo formats are already compressed


Most typical video formats are already compressed

and music files

Most typical music formats are already compressed

You are not going to gain much, if any, adding a second layer of compression.

Yes, I think so too. Additionally there would be no possibility of updating changed parts only.
Will stick to rsync therefore, thanks for all comments.

pbzip2 is the multi thread version of bzip2, the strongest compression program. But if you really just videos and fotos, you’ll save just 10% of space than storing it without compression.

Regardless of this question, it was good to learn about this compression mechanism!