Are these settings available in Pro version?

Now we use Community Edition and we want to buy Pro version. But we do not know exactly can we manage to make these settings in Pro versoin:

  1. To ban option of users to share files and folders that we shared by other users (admins) - only admin can generate links and share them
  2. To limit quota for users to upload files in Shared folders. Now we can set quota just for “My libriaries”
  3. Now Admin doesn’t see nothing that included in users folder - what files are there.

Is it possible?

Please have a look at this maunal, maybe Roles and Permissions feature will help.

max_upload_size setting in seafile.conf will limit file size when uploading.

You can view user’s files in un-encrypted libraries by setting ENABLE_SYS_ADMIN_VIEW_REPO = True in

Thanks! It helped. Meanwile we have bought Pro Version and our client is interested in:

  1. Why internal Editor of files doesn’t work? Clicking by the file it doesn’t allow to edit files - doc or xls. We tried 3 different browsers incl. IE. We can only download file, edit it and upload again.
  2. Can we ban possibility of Guest and Default users to delete there own profiles. We should let just admins to delete users.

It’s not possible to edit files directly with Seafile. You need Collabora or OnlyOffice for this feature.
See: and

You could modify the html page.

ok, thanks. We will try to install Collabora.

Can you explain what file and line/lines should we modify to activate this feature?

The file can be found under: seafile-pro-server-version/seahub/seahub/profile/templates/profile/ and there you have to edit the file set_profile.html

Am I right that modifing this file will help us to ban possibility of Guest and Default to delete there profiles? If so please tell me what settings should we modify

It’s a normal html page, you can just delete the rows where the text is defined. This would affect all users.

To forbid users to delete their profiles we comment all lines below:

{% trans "Delete Account" %}

{% trans "This operation will not be reverted. Please think twice!" %}

{% trans "Delete" %} {% csrf_token %}
17:37Нравится $('#account-delete-btn').click(function () { var title = "{% trans "Delete Account" %}", con = "{% trans "Really want to delete your account?" %}";


’ + title + ‘

’ + con + ‘


$(’#confirm-yes’).click(function() {

It helpes - “Delete” button is not active. But at the same time none of users can change their languages - this button is also not active. What are we doing wrong?

Any ideas?

Hi @sdovzhenko
please revert your changes and make following.


delete or comment out


Yes we made these changes (deleted highlighted at 2 pics above). Now we can change languages but “Delete” of profiles button is still active

Thanks to TMHBOFH! Deleting of this lines helped