Automatic synchro goes out of setting

From few days I think, I setup automatic synchronize on few folders.
The cloud becomes green.
And the next day the automatic synchronization went out!
It arrives on different folders.
Each time I need to ask again to synchronize the library.

Do you know how comes?
And how I can make it stop?
Thanks for your help.
Best regards,

using Windows network drive as a target for your synchronization? If so you there is a limitation on the Windows ‘file change/event queue’ as it is not supporting network drives.
You need to set a sync interval by right clicking your library, the client then will then sync every x seconds

Hi Sorry,
I may explain wrong.
More precisely:

  • Using Seafile window, I setup a synchronization folder.
  • At the end, the folder appears synchronized (green cloud icon).
  • And one day after, the same folder appears like if I didn’t setup a synchronization (empty cloud icon).
  • And I did nothing to justify this change.
    So I don’t understand how it comes?
    And I would like to know if there is a solution to stop loosing the synchronization setup?

Additionally, It worked before perfectly, but not anymore.
If someone can help me.