Autostart Seadrive CLI on Ubuntu 20.04

Good afternoon, thank you for this excellent software.

Please, what is the best way to make Seadrive CLI auto-start and mount in a user’s home directory on server start? I’m assuming a systemd unit, type=simple, but I am by no means very familiar with this. One issue would be I guess, that I need it to run after seafile and seahub units.

Thank you very much


@kingqueen Add on the crontab from your user (crontab -e) following example line, which works for me:

@reboot sudo seadrive -o allow_other -c /usr/local/etc/seadrive/seadrive.conf -f -d /home/johnsmith/.seadrive/data -l /usr/local/etc/seadrive/seadrive.log /home/johnsmith/SeaDrive > /dev/null 2>&1 &

or just add the alias seadrive to your .bash_aliases file:

alias seadrive='sudo seadrive -o allow_other -c /usr/local/etc/seadrive/seadrive.conf -f -d /home/johnsmith/.seadrive/data -l /usr/local/etc/seadrive/seadrive.log /home/johnsmith/SeaDrive > /dev/null 2>&1 &'

inisde /usr/local/etc/seadrive you have:
seadrive.conf seadrive.log

I mount seadrive not on the same server, that I run the Seafile application. If you came up yourself with a systemd service for seadrive let us know. Thank you.

Feature request
An option to enable/disable autostart in seadrive GUI like in MS Windows