Autoupdater not working for Seafile and seadrive clients

Hi all,
The autoupdater in the seafile and seafile clients for windows are not working for a long time now. Digging trough the Code (github) shows that the updater checks this link for windows, which states 7.0.9 as latest version. For mac it also shows 7.0.9.
I guess it’s the same for the drive client. Shouldn’t it be 8.0.3, since its out of beta or at least 7.0.10 then? Whats the strategy here?

Autoupdater caused more problems for users with an old version of Seafile server than its benefit. So we no longer use autoupdater for the clients.

Thanks for the quick answer Daniel.

If the autoupdater is not used anymore, can it be removed?

A better solution:

  • as an admin, I can enter the version of the client i want my Clients to upgrade to. The client then fetches this info and can decide, wheter it should promt the update or not.

An even better solution:

  • the server should know, which versions it’s compatible with. This info can be given to the client for the update check as above.

@daniel.pan what’s your plan regarding the autoupdater? Do you consider one of the solutions mentioned above?

We will remove the autoupdater in a future release.

The other two solutions we think are not very needed by users.

Thanks for your feedback. I really was hoping that this won’t be the decision.
Honestly I don’t think it’s about the (end)user. It’s about having an up to date ecosystem with support and admins not having to troubleshoot issues due to incompatible versions (also see SeaDrive Client 2 auto update doesn't work). Do you also remove the autoupdater for Professional Edition? That’s were I’d exepect such a functionality to prevent fragmentation of clients.

Long story short, removing the autoupdater is not an acceptable solution.

I’d go forward and create the seahub logic for the solution above, but given your neglectance of PRs in the past, I won’t waste my time.
If you commit to actually checking and using a PR (if done properly), I’m happy to go that direction.


Adding feature in server side is not enough. The client also need to know which server to check for, if the client has connected to multiple servers.

There is no such a feature for Seafile server.

I actually did not account for the complexity of having diffrent servers with diffrent versions connected - good point.

There is no such a feature for Seafile server.

I know, I meant for clients using professional servers, as this might be more interesting/needed in professional/corporateenvoirements. But it’s the same problem as above tough.

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If there is no autoupdater anymore,then please consider an option to check if a new version is available on the website and drop a notification. I don’t want to check this manually over and over again.


We will try to add such a feature