Backup Folder Remote Library Selection

Latest release SeaDroid 2.3.7

When activating Backup Folder from Settings, choosing a repository only allows for a main parent repository to be selected (My Library). There is no way to delve down to folders within the repo. This may be normal operations, but from the “Up to Parent Folder” text, I would think that choosing a folder from inside the repository would be available.

When looking at the code, it doesn’t look like there is an ability to tunnel down to folder levels. Is this the case?

2024-06-08 11_15_45-Clipboard

//update sp
RepoConfig repoConfig = FolderBackupManager.readRepoConfig();
if (repoConfig != null) {
} else {
repoConfig = new RepoConfig(repoModel.repo_id, repoModel.repo_name, mAccount.getEmail(), mAccount.getSignature());