Bad behaviour at new file with same name as previously deleted file


I have found a bad behaviour when there are new files with the same name as previously deleted files.

So the behaviour is currently as followed:
If I have file with some versions of it and then I delete it, it gets into the recycle bin. Then later I create a new file with the same name (in the same directory). Then the old file gets removed from the recycle bin and there is also at the new file (with the same name) no version history of the old file. So after a new file with the same name is created there is no way to restore the old file.

So to fix this either there should be the old file kept in the recycle bin or in the version history there should be also the history of the old file.

I hope this feature can soon be implemented.

I was able to replicate this. When viewing the historical contents of the first file prior to deletion it will show the contents of the replacement file.

Nice find!

EDIT: I take this back, I was not able to replicate this behavior, I was viewing the wrong data.

Historical contents of a file that is deleted and replaced with a file of the same name is kept for me in the library snapshot as expected.

Thanks arjones85 for your response.

I was not aware that there is something like a library snapshot until you mentioned it in your post. With this feature I just found out the content of the old file in fact can be viewed and restored again.

At my starting post I was just talking about the recycle bin of the folder and the version history of the (new) file itself. With these two things it is not possible to restore the old file content.

But because there is already a possibility to restore the old file content with the library snapshot there is no new feature needed and I will close this thread.