Basic functionality questions

I want my users to share files with my clients, through regular browser based file uploading with drag-n-drop support.

Basically, the clients would upload large batches of documents to a folder, which my users would then be able to access. The users would edit the uploaded documents, and then let the clients know that the documents are available for download. Hopefully email notifications would be possible at all stages of file changes.

Can this sort of pooled access be easily done in Seafile?

My clients are kind of apathetic, so installing a seafile client app would be out of the question for most of their IT depts. They would have to be able to download/upload everything through HTTPS.

Thanks for any help.

You can share a password-protected link to your clients for any folder on any library you want (no registration required), then your users would edit files in that folder.
Seafile keeps track on who and what parts of a file have been edited, letting you restore it to a previous version, eliminating the need for (local) backups and duplicate files. This can be pretty useful if a client happens to delete or modify a file they’re not supposed to touch.