Benefit of using MySQL or MariaDB over the standard installation database?

Hello all,
I was introduced to Seafile a few days ago and I have minimal knowledge of the use of back-end server databases such as MySQL, MariaDB and others. If back-end server database is the correct term.

I would like to know what are the benefit of using MySQL, MariaDB or any other common DB over the standard installation database?

The basic installation setup I installed seems to work fine, so why change it?

Thank you for your help and please excuse my lack of understanding.


I’m no expert but I believe MySQL was bought out by oracle and hasn’t seen much development. MariaDB is a fork of MySQL that is being developed. I would recommend going with MariaDB.

Hi Donald,

as far as I have understood it, the benefit is better performance in a bigger environment with many users and/or huge amount of data / high usage.
There is no need to be a database expert, I’m also using mariaDB instead of SQlite for my private seafile server. It’s easy to set it up with mySQL or mariaDB instead of long as you have some basic linux / shell knowledge.


Hello Jochen,

I have installed MariaDB on the same PC/Server as the Seafile Server ( up and running with original install).

I am presently following the steps located at the User manual page.

Are these the correct steps?

So is SQlite the DB that is installed during the regular setup of Seafile ?

Thanks for your help,


Hello Lewdu,

I am in the process of trying to implement MariaDB.

Thank you for you help,

Hi Donald,

I’m not sure, since I’ve deployed seafile on linux.

Yes, SQLite is the standard DB that is installed with seafile.

Good luck with your installation but I’m sure, it’ll work.


Sqlite is of course a small single user installation. For more details, see the following link

Hello everyone,

I was able to complete the install including setting up the MariaDB. database.The windows/MySQL manual mentioned in the post above works if followed closely. However when editing the 2 .conf and the 1 .py file. They are not located exactly in the directories mentioned. But I did install the 6.0.7 version so the instructions might be a little older.

Thanks again for all you responses and look forward to using this new software,