Best OS for New Install, March 2023


Long term user of Seafile.

My situation is that I have to start seafile CE from scratch on a new server. Debian is my goto and so I loaded Debian 11.6. Now I see that may not have been the best choice as Debian 11 is not officially supported. And, although the roadmap mentions 3/31/23 for a supported release that may not come for awhile.

So is Ubuntu 20.04LTS and Seafile 9 the best option.
Ubuntu 22.04LTS and Seafile 10 better. It looks like this is beta.

I just want it to work without too much pain and I value the forums input on this.

And, I assume either way Docker is the preferred install option.

Thank you!

I run this and have for a long time. I use docker, and use this variant for docker GitHub - ggogel/seafile-containerized: A fully containerized deployment of Seafile for Docker, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. as its containerized in a very secure way. Very stable. Be sure to put this in your seafile.conf file:

use_go_fileserver = false

I have found the golang to be too unreliable creating too many corruptions in my library. With that config setting above, I’ve had zero corruptions.


Well I ended up going with a straight Debian 11 and Seafile 9 Install. Nothing difficult in setting it up except I bungled the nginx conf on the /media till I figured it out. But, that was my user error.

Setup Certbot using snapd per their instructions and it was painless (selected auto nginx config update which also worked out of the box). I figure for let’s encrypt purposes using snapd won’t make any real difference to me.

Anyways much thanks to Larrikin for your input. I have another server for testing and will give your recommendation a try to see how I like it.