Best Practices guide for Seafile installation on Ubuntu server

I have been working on this for a while now and I’ll be finished with it next week.
I did start this little project because I want Seafile to reach out to more people and to do so people want a guide to follow that helps them trough the installation and everything around it.

So what I have done is that I have been collection and reading up on best practices for NGINX, Memcahced everything.
And written it down.

This is on Github so I would love for people to send PR’s if something is wrong or if you want to add something.
As you can see this guide is only for Ubuntu, if you want to adapt it to some other distro feel free to do so, or if you want to translate it to your language.

I’ll be finished with the writing about NGINX next week, but what I want help with is a guide how to install memchaced with unix_socket - as you can see it’s from start to the finishline that I’m writing.

I have also been writting some guides at the side that have effect on the Seafile guide.
Guides regardin security in Ubuntu and also how to setup SSMTP on Ubuntu server.

Here is the guide for Seafile on Ubuntu

Here is the hole project.


Lets please join forces to get one good working manual out there.
I send you the gitrepo link via PM. Please submit your code there.

I’ll fix that tomorrow.

Now I have been updating the guide with some bugs etc.
Now everything should work perfectly, you almost just need to use copy paste.

@DerDanilo Next week I’ll start working with the debian guide.

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Guide have moved to it’s own Wordpress site, and it has also been updated!

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Hi @Calby i’m looking for this Guide but the website is down? do you have a copy of that? Thank you Tiago

You may also use the not yet finished community manual.

@Calby, @DerDanilo : Both links don’t work :disappointed:

The short link was just wrong. Please check again.

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