Better understanding of a "Mini" Cluster Installation (Database related)

thanks to all developers and community for the awesome seafile!

Although the documentation is written extremely good, I cannot get a grip of the DB part, when deploying a simple Seafile cluster.

Assuming I have 2 Ubuntu RPIs plus an external network storage and I’m not seeking to deploy any cluster subsystem (DB Cluster, Memcached Cluster, Storage Cluster), do I still need an external DB and there is no way to e.g. offload a DB to the external storage (used for storing seafile user files), so there are 3 units in total (2 seafile instances and 1 external storage)? [plus a unit for a load balancer?] :satellite:

If you don’t need HA, you can deploy the DB on any one node.

HA is part of the professional edition which is not available for arm devices.

Thank you for your responses!

I want to get rid of onedrive once and for all, for that I must be sure my data is almost always available (nodes updates/restarts).

What are the incompatibilities with ARM?
I got the MariaDB Galera + CEPH are working with Raspis, why Seafile can’t support them as well?

  • Would it be an option to use ceph-filesystem mounted with fuse?
  • Compiling from the source code?
  • Is the code of Pro just some concealed binary compiled modules which extend the Community Edition?
  • Will it ever be supported for ARMs?
    Any other ideas?