Bug: Duplicated folder/files shown in Finder.app (macOS)

I just installed the new Seafile Drive client for macOS.
The following bug occured…

Many folders and files within a library are shown twice in the Finder.app.
Take a look at this screen recording https://youtu.be/jJ_Wuy03tdk

I am running the latest macOS Sierra (10.12.6) and I followed the instructions installing SeaDrive.
Therfore I installed the latest OSXFuse and Seadrive (0.8.0 beta).
My server runs the latest Seafile (6.2.2 64bit) at Ubuntu (16.04.3 LTS minimal) with 2GB RAM.

It seems to be related to special character in file and folder name. Can you list a few such files/folders names here?

If you know how to use a terminal, you can check the folder file list with ‘ls’ command.

Sure! I used ls -F >> logOutput.log and deleted all folders and files which don’t seem to be affected.
You may download the logOutput.log from there https://we.tl/SE2E4mZpq2
There are no duplicated folder/files found via ls in the terminal.

So I think it’s a incompatibility with the Finder.app or a bug in Finder.app… Sometimes I find finder cannot auto-refresh the list.

Yes it is indeed true that Finder.app has sometimes difficulties refreshing.

But at this case I was able to reproduce the behavior every time. After restarting SeaDrive, changing folders or toggling hidden files always the same folders and files are affected. Even the strange disappearing of a certain duplicated folder for a second is repetitive (as shown in the screen recording).

I could also reproduce this behaviour in the Finder.app under MacOS. When removing “Umlauts” like äöüÄÖÜ it looks good again. So it’s a quick hotfix :wink:

This has been fixed. It’ll be available in the next version. It’s caused by UTF-8 normalization used in Mac OS X.

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