Bug in file versioning: previous versions of files not available, if last update was long time ago

I think I encountered a bug in Seafile Server (professional v6.1.9 on ubuntu). I have the following scenario:

A file (jpg, but probably also other types) had been added to a library long ago (say, one year) and never changed since. Recently, I changed the file on a client (Mac), the new version got uploaded to the server. I realized that I made a mistake and wanted to restore the previous version. When I opened the file’s history in the web GUI, I expected to see two versions of the file: the one from one year ago and the new one, created just seconds ago. However, I can only see the new version! The previous version that had existed for one year is not listed.
… and, yes, I switched the history view from “one week” to “all”.

This means, as it appears, that versioning does not work effectively for files that are updated in long time intervals. Probably its just a bug in viewing the history, but probably its more severe. Could you please have a look at this? Thanks!

that looks to me like:

try the follwing:
in the version history of the libary pick a change before the change you are interested,
and use view snapshot, in this view you should still have the “orginal” file, despite not
being shown in the version history of the file

hope that helps

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We are aware of the problem. We will fix the algorithm for showing file history soon.


I’m experiencing this problem. Is there an ETA of when it will be resolved?

This has been fixed in 10.0 version. If you’re not using latest version, please upgrade.