Bug of desktop client 9.0.3 under MacOS?

After upgrading the desktop client to 9.0.3 under MacOS,i cannot type chinese characters when creating folders.

Is it a bug of this version?

I cannot reproduce the issue. It should not be related to Seafile.

Thanks for reply.

I have upgrade the client from 9.0.2.Before upgrading,everthing is ok,but after upgrading,cannot type chinese characters when creating folders.

I have made a screen recording to show this,but i cannot upload the movie。Is there email address i can send the screen recording?

thanks a lot!

If you downgrade to 9.0.2, does it work? On my mac I cannot reproduce the same issue. What’s your OS version?

Thanks for reply。

My MacOS version is v3.5.1,M1 pro,English language environment。

But I would like to try back to 9.0.2,and give feedback.

9.0.2 works properly.