[BUG] SeaFile Client 6.18

Happens on Debian 9 i686, amd64 and raspbian 9:

If the window is open and the client looses connection, the :heavy_check_mark: stays. Only if the window is closed, the “!” occurs.
These are all packages from the debian backports compiled by @schlarbm.
Can anyone test it if it’s also happening on other devices?
Edit: Appears also on Windows

I think it is a known problem that refreshing of the Applet Main Window sometimes lags behind.
I see that regularly when I change some files in a library. They get uploaded, but the last-changed entry is not updated until I click refresh.

I think these are different things. The tray icon is updated immediately, but the library list seems to be only updated from time to time.


That’s not what I ment (or what I understood). The libary window is updated with the “!” immedeately, but the icon keeps the :heavy_check_mark:. Only if the window is closed, the icon is updated.