Bughandling, Localization Support


first of all I would offer my self to check and correct the german localization strings cause there are still some issues:

Umbenennen (German)
Transfer (English and German)
History Setting (English with typo)
Folder Permission (English)

English instead of german

Here an example for the users Page with many inconcistencies

Beside that I wanted to know how and if it’s possible for users to create bug tickets for little issues in the UI?


PS: I dont use the UI very much but I think the best UI-experience is with language set to “english”


Hi Michael,
Have a look at this screenshot taken straight from my settings page.

In other words, my translation is maybe not flawles but the dramatic inconsistencies that you observe are absent in my instance.
I leave it to comments of more admin-savvy people on how to fix your problem.

thanks I’m not using any styling mods, do you?

Nope, no mods. Not even CSS modifications. Have you tried wiping your browser cache? Maybe your browser gets a little confused when displaying the page. Have you tried with different browsers?

It refers to seadrive, but the procedure for the web frontend should be the same.

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I had the same effect after upgrading from 6 to 7. Deleting my browser and memcache cache did the trick.