Button problem + screen Adaptive on IE11

Hi everybody,

In first, sorry for my English.

I just finish installating seafile server 6.1.1 on Ubuntu with Nginx
I create a self signed certificate for Wan access to the public IP
On Lan, it can be reach to this public Ip, or to the FQDN , or to the Lan IP.
All seem works good.

But I get a great problem with Buttons when log via FQDN. On the public IP and the Lan IP, all is good.
All the buttons are grey rectangle:
-In Administration page :
Validate, Cancel, Navigation menu on side…
-In document page :
Open Parent folder, Share, …, Chat

When I reduce IE windows, Menu on left don’t stay and all right part go below :frowning:
It maybe a Full screen adaptive Web UI problem. I have adaptive problem in Administration menu (only for Parameters, Users, Notifications, Links)
I find that it work with this URL :
-https://xxxx/ sysadmin /#…
It doesn’t work with this URL:
-https://xxxx/ sys /#…

It appear only on IE11. works fine with FF. But our users get only IE :frowning:

Do you already see this problem?
How can I solve it?

Thanks for your answers

Does the seafile demo website behave the same in your environment? If not I could imagine that loading some files is blocked due to some restrictions the IE maybe has with the certificates.

Hi Garfield.

Everything good on demo website.

I don’t think it due to certificat, because it work fine with Internal IP (no certificat).
Always this problem when connect to FQND, even if Host pointing to public IP (with certificat)

So I see where it doesn’t work (…/sys/) but I don’t know why only on IE.


Is IE opening the site in any compatibility mode?

It is the same result with or without IE compatibility mode.
I try also “InPrivate”, “without add ons”. Same result.
Only IE get this problem when I connect with FQDN instead of IP

Works on Chrome, FireFox, and …Edge lol


Like I think it will be hard to find a solution, I have ask to create a DNS to our public IP.
So now everyone logs to this adress and everything work fine :slight_smile:)

Thanks again for your time spending to help us.