Cache, cache, cache...too much cache!

Hello. I don’t know about you, but this seadrive is incredible! Too much cache! I visualize something and fill the cache; unloading something is filling the cache! It is not possible!. Even if I download something “heavy”, the cache automatically increases based on the “weight” of the file. How can it be solved?

PS. Setting the cache in the seadrive settings is practically useless, because even if you set 1gb, you find yourself with 4-5 GB of cache!

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Did you first try to delete all cache? I would think that after setting cache to 1 GB and if the cache is empty it should not get bigger than 1-2 GB.

The problem is that the cache increases both when I copy something to seadrive and (above all) when I download … even though I set the cache to 1GB. I also wanted to disable it, but can’t.

the GREAT seadrive problem is that it uses a lot, a lot of cache … continuously!

I think what cache you mean is time snapshot of sea file, you can make the time snapshot short to decrease the ”cache” or you can just leave it alone, don’t worry about the cache course selfie is not dumb as you think.
By the way, time snapshot is the best function of sea life.

Can you share your seadrive.log here? There should be some log messages about cache cleaning.

As soon as I can, place the log. This problem, as far as I have seen, concerns only seadrive. I give you an example to clarify better (I don’t speak English).
Let’s say that I want to download a file from the server, about 10GB in size. From seadrive, I navigate in the folders as if it were an external hardisk connected to the computer, and I go to the folder where the file is present. Now, let’s suppose that I want to copy this file to a USB, when I go to copy this file the LOGICALLY data should only go to the USB. Instead they even go into my HDD on my computer! So it’s like the file goes first into my computer, and then from my computer goes to the USB. So we said that the file is 10GB large. During the copy I find myself in my HDD 7-8GB less! And this always happens for anything I want to copy. It’s not a nice thing!.. especially with SSDs. In fact I have an SSD and to save it from this MURDER every time I want to see or copy something, I’m not using seadrive anymore.

I hope I gave a little idea. Thanks and sorry for my english.

but on an SSD I don’t think it’s “the maximum” write in the disk cache every time you copy something … don’t you think?

Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll think about how to handle such case better. There are quite a few users asking the same question.

Thank you. Obviously if they all ask the same question there will be a reason.
Obviously this also applies to the android app. In fact, for every photo I look at, I find it downloaded to my phone. In fact, for viewing the content I rely on other applications … I hate to say it, but unfortunately I can’t put myself to clear the cache every 10 minutes (I’m a guy who browses many files). Moreover, even for the upload I rely on another application as this is really unsatisfactory! Especially for uploading. Once I was uploading many files and suddenly my phone starts to freeze. Not knowing what was going on, I go into the settings to delete the ram and I see the unthinkable: to make the upload it had completely filled up the memory! And by memory I mean ROM, not RAM. In fact, I noticed that during the upload, seafile rediscovered the files. And the larger the files, the more memory was filled. In fact since then (as I have already said) I rely on another application and I find myself absolutely fine! I hope you take into consideration what I’m saying …

here! now I managed to “capture” some proofs … the picture speaks for itself (EDIT: this is true for both linux and windows!):

Are we joking!?
Poor SSD!

Hi @vincenzo

Can you search your seadrive.log for log messages containing “Cleaning cache space”?

Not at this moment. But anyway as I said, it shouldn’t happen. It is unthinkable !. Of all the software I’ve tried so far, I’ve never seen anything like this. Here you just have to browse through some simple folders that immediately start downloading the files without even opening them !. And this obviously applies to both windows and linux. In the case of the photo, at that moment I was on linux and I posted that situation. If you want I will show you also on windows …

That’s because the file manager on various OS will download the file to generate thumbnails. We’re working on a plugin to Windows and Mac file manager to improve the situation.


not always. Sometimes I’ve noticed that even if the preview isn’t active, the download starts automatically … without pressing anything … both in windows and in linux.

I recently saw the seafile roadmap, and I noticed this:

Drive client
[Win] Add Windows explorer file preview plugin to prevent files being automatically downloaded

but this update will be for windows only? Not for linux? Also do we have to wait for 2020?

For Linux we don’t have a plugin for showing status icon in Nautilus either. It’s for Windows and Mac, at the moment. We will try to make the plugin available this year.


Ok. let’s hope

More than 5 months have passed yet nothing has been solved! Impressive. This is the attention you give to things! Congratulations.

And I add … I made a download of 16 GB of data … and I found them all in my SSD when the destination was only my external HDD !!!

I simply organized a copy with seadrive … incredible! So if I have 5 TB of data I find all 5 of them in my hard disk saved as a cache??? Mah …
Congratulations again …

Lambast the people you wish to get help from. Sounds like a great strategy! Shaking head

Jonathan said:

On my calendar, the year still has to come to an end.

You don’t have to use SeaDrive. There is also a sync client.

Lastly, and also to end on a positive note: The Seafile team is working on it. The CTO of Seafile Ltd. replied to your post directly. Where else do you get that? Why not give the Seafile team the time it said it would need. Sure, you can criticize that your problem is not solved faster. But: We are living in a world full of compromises. I would wish for you to realize that next time you comment in the forum.