Caching files to local disk

Suppose i want to be able to work offline.
Can i configure seafile client and/or seadrive to cache the files localy while the seafile server is still the primary source for storage??

Kind Regards

The client syncs files between your pc and the server. The files exists on both machines.
If you work offline the files get synced again when you go online the next time.

The drive can be configured to cache as many files as you want.

As you want to go with the server as primary storage your best choice would be Seadrive

Dear Jack,

Whgen i’m offline (e.g. nog wifi connection)
I don’t have my files

How can i tell my my seadrive client to download ALL my files before i leave the wifi connection.

Kind Regards

Seafile sync client: you can sync a library to local before using it.

Seafile drive client: not supported yet, but we’ll add it soon so you can mark certain files to be always cached locally.

Seafile client, not user friendely for novice computer users

Seadrive feature much appreciated.
My kids realy want a driveletter in their windows, and i REALLY want get rid of the windows files-server :slight_smile:

Kind Regards