Caldav and Carddav sync

I was thinking what I did miss with seafile.
And it’s a caldav and carddav sync not so you can see it in the webgui only the sync function.
It should be nice to have everything in one server software.

I think, seafile should stay a file syncing solution. This is something that owncloud suffered from. It was overloaded with add-ons and functions that made it unstable and unreliable.


It is not unstable and unreliable. But I agree that seafile should stay a file syncing solution.

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Well I did not mean that it should have the WebGUI or plugins just a simple sync for devices.

Check out for baikal server.
Seafile should not support a caldav/cardav server. You can set it up youself with baikal on a subfolder or other subdomain.


are you using it with subdomain or in your seafile server as a subfolder?

Subdomain is better.

Do you use it trough a NGINX front server or do you just have it over some other port like 8443 or simuler?

Nginx conf file, different subdomain. Easy.

Ok, so you have it on the same machine/VM as Seafile?

I was thinking something like this.

INTERNET --> NGINX --> Seafile
…–> Baikal server

Yes you can run it on the same machine. You just need a DB and nginx config to serve the front-end. I recommend you serve this also via a valid domain.
You can choose to serve baikal via subfolder, then you don’t need an additional DNS entry and certificate.

I got a valid domain that I’m using, I have one now that uses cloud.** and I was thinking of one dav.**
I’m using it on different VM’s out of security reason.

Since this does not concern Seafile let’s continue to talk via PM.

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I agree that a Calendar GUI would be too much for seafile.
But some fancy calendar-administration features can be an enrichment. I suggest something like:

  • create a calendar
  • delete it
  • give read/write permissions to users or groups
  • make a calendar private/public

All this just in conjunction to a dedicated caldav/carddav-service like baikal.

(Just to understand, whyn the decision to implement a colabora api and not to implenet a caldav-api?)

Baikal dont work Well with iOS for a example

Apple doesn’t like services that are not hosted by them. So why build better support for them?

I agree in one way but the fact is that iOS has the bigg share of the market.

I’ll go over to huawei soon so.

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Shares are falling. Apple makes so many shitty moves since Jobs passed. Let’s see where this goes.

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i think this topic isn’t just about iOS or Smartphones. There are many players on the market who are using calendar and addressbook features (Thunderbird, Outlook, Android, iOS, Kmail, Google… whatever).

The thing is, people who are using seafile want to keep data under own control and not using GoogleDrive, AppleCloud a.s.o. Seafile does provide great on-premise file-sync cloud service, so why not expand to calendar and adressbook support…