Calibre library is stored on Seafile / Accessibilty via Samba or similar/any other sharing method possilbe

Hi All,
I would like to create accessibility from my Calibre Webserver to all the books, which I stored on my Seafile server.
I have two different virtual machines with Linux LTS 22 - VM1 has the Calibre Book server, VM2 has the Seafile server. Both services are deployed via docker-compose.
In the Calibre docker-compose.yml file I have to assign the path, where all my books are stored. Unfortunately I only can write down a local or network sharing path, which is valid in this context.
My Seafile server is reachable via https/ssl. In front of the Seafile server I have a NGINX reverse proxy (proxy manager), which receives the https-requests and routed these correspondingly to my Seafile server.
In the following you see the docker-compose.yml configuration, where I have to write down the path with my books:

The question is, is there any possiblity for such a necessary communication, that my Calibre service gets accessiblity to the Seafile book directory?

Greetings Coleman

I don’t think this will work at all. Calibre stores the data as normal files which you can see with a normal file explorer and read without Calibre.
Seafile does not store files as such, but in blocks (means the files are cut in pieces). Therefore you cannot link any application directly to the seafile stored data.
What could work is to use Seadrive (which creates a virtual drive to Seafile data) and link via this virtual drive (mostly S:) to Calibre data - But no idea if this would work at all as never tested.

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You could mount your seafile library with rclone (see here: Seafile) and then mount this directory into your docker container.