Camera Upload Android Client logfiles

Hi all,

I always have issues with the upload function of the Android app and would like to check the logfiles on the device.

Where do I find the logfiles for the camera upload in the Android storage?

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I don’t know if there’s a specific logfile, but have you tried adb logcat while trying to upload?

Which problems are you suffering from?

Have you seen the comments regarding the upload function in the 7.1. release thread?

Sync stops working one device and wont start on other device.
I’m not sure what is wrong and want to investigate with the log files.
adb logcat seems to be very lowlevel and I’m quite sure I wont be able to differenciate seafile messages from all the other stuff going by on that “interface” …

but as you stated it could also be a server issue. I’m still running 7.0.10 because I dont feel that newer releases were without issues.

thanks for help but it seems that i’m not support-ready yet.


I gave it a try with adb logcat and did a grep on the PID Seadroid was using. At least I could see the upload error mentioned the other thread segregated.

By the way a new Seadroid version is out which fixed my upload problems with Seadroid and server 7.1x. Maybe worth a try to fix your problems.

Thanks for these information.
I will consider updating my server soon, once I figured out how to remove the old Python 2 packages and feel good about all the twerks that the newer 7.x versions seem to have

Hi, I don’t know if this is the same issue but my OnePlus 6 phone would randomly stop syncing my photos. This was related to androids power optimalisation / memory cleanup. I locked the seafile app so android can’t close it and disabled battery optimalisation for the seafile app. Since then it works as it supposed to.

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Good notice I will recheck. But following the git notifications alot of people mentioned that their camera upload works again since the last a seadroid update from two or three days ago.
That’s why I believe there was an issue somewhere else