Can I install Seafile Pro 7.1.4 server with the installer

I have Ubuntu server 18.04 and I want to install Seafile Pro 7.1.4 server with the installer. I downloaded “seafile-pro-server_7.1.4_x86-64_Ubuntu.tar.gz” file from their official Pro download page and put it in /opt directory. Than I also downloaded “seafile-7.1_ubuntu 7.1.0” installer and ren it from /root. It gave me an error saying that I specifically need “seafile-pro-server_7.1.0_x86-64.tar.gz” in /opt. There isn’t a file with that name or any Ubuntu 7.1.0 file. Am I looking at the wrong place or can I just rename it? Im pretty new to Linux so im not really sure what to do.

Edit: Am dumb. When calling "bash seafile-7.1_ubuntu " you have to give it an argument specifying the version. For me the command would be:

bash seafile-7.1_ubuntu 7.1.4