Can I recover my data on Win10?

My Windows 10 computer recently got infected with ransomware and just about all my files were lost. However, my seafile-server folder appears to be mostly intact. Is there any way to recover the data from this previous installation?

I saw other threads on this but they are way over my head. I have basically no command line or Linux experience.

You synced all your data between desktop and server?
Just go in the history of your libraries (in Seafile’s webinteface) and restore the last snapshot before the ransomware hit. There is no need to go to the console.
You find more here:

Sorry I didn’t explain correctly. I had the Windows version of the server installed, and all my data stored there. It would backup photos from our phones and I’d use it to store documents and stuff. That’s the machine that got infected.

I had to reformat all my drives, but I noticed that the seafile-server file survived.

Against ransomwares you should use an online backup service.
If you do not have an external backup (elsewhere than on your corrupted machine) I don’t think that you will be able to get anything back.
I hope this answers your question, but I am not really sure about this :slightly_smiling_face:

seaf-fsck.exe -c c:\seafile-server\ccnet -d c:\seafile-server\seafile-data -F c:\seafile-server\conf -E

Replace yourself with your settings