Can see mp3 files, can play them, but can't download them


I’ve installed seafile to my linux home server using docker. It sort of works but in a very puzzling way. I would understand if it did not work at all. But I can login to server and view and download files. Except large files (e.g. mp3) – for those I get “download failed”. What works:

  1. Can login to server
  2. Can navigate library folders and files
  3. Can download small txt files
  4. Can view text and conf files in seafile viewer
  5. Can play mp3 files (!) from browser using seafile web UI player

What’s broken:

  1. Can’t download mp3 files!
  2. Can’t upload anything from browser or android app.

The request in firefox Net console is shown as ‘blocked’, the ‘Transferred’ column shows ‘NS_ERROR_NET_PARTIAL_TRANSFER’ - some kind of error? Because the file is too large maybe? It seem to work with smaller txt files.

The problem is the same on windows+firefox, windows+chrome, android+chrome and android+“seafile app”. Windows ‘seafile drive’ app seems to work fully. I used it to upload those mp3s.

My docker-compose.yml is below (except passwords). I think I am using the latest server version, but not sure how to check. Everything happens on wireguard vpn net, https is disabled, plain http is used. Not sure what else to provide. What could be the problem?

version: '2.0'
    image: mariadb:10.6
    container_name: seafile-mysql
      - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=5904024e522fc # Requested, set the root's password of MySQL service.
      - MYSQL_LOG_CONSOLE=true
      - /mnt/c/seafile-db:/var/lib/mysql  # Requested, specifies the path to MySQL data persistent store.
      - seafile-net

    image: memcached:1.6.18
    container_name: seafile-memcached
    entrypoint: memcached -m 256
      - seafile-net

    image: seafileltd/seafile-mc:latest
    container_name: seafile
      - ""
#     - "443:443"  # If https is enabled, cancel the comment.
      - /mnt/c/seafile-files:/shared   # Requested, specifies the path to Seafile data persistent store.
      - DB_HOST=db
      - DB_ROOT_PASSWD=5904024e522fc  # Requested, the value should be root's password of MySQL service.
      - TIME_ZONE=Etc/UTC  # Optional, default is UTC. Should be uncomment and set to your local time zone.
      - SEAFILE_ADMIN_EMAIL=u@noda # Specifies Seafile admin user, default is ''.
      - SEAFILE_ADMIN_PASSWORD=12345 # Specifies Seafile admin password, default is 'asecret'.
      - SEAFILE_SERVER_LETSENCRYPT=false   # Whether to use https or not.
      - SEAFILE_SERVER_HOSTNAME= # Specifies your host name if https is enabled.
      - db
      - memcached
      - seafile-net


Turned out to be my mistake, I used wrong drive and it got full quickly and seafile reacted this way.