Cannot create ENCRYPTED_LIBRARY_VERSION version 4

seafile pro, 7.1.9 with docker

changing ENCRYPTED_LIBRARY_VERSION to 4 prevent creation of encrypted libraries.

update ENCRYPTED_LIBRARY_VERSION from 3 to 4 in ( taken from )

then creating a new encrypted library with error “failed to create library”.

Any clue?

Version 4 is only supported from Seafile 8 and up.

But no reason to worry, version 3 is fine, atleast what the docs says that AES128 is “unsecure” is completly garbage.

I cant say if the actual implementation of seafile might have a flaw and therefore version 3 might be insecure, but the doc only says AES128 is insecure, which is just not true. Most modern browsers prefer AES128 instead of AES256 for performance gains, since 256 is just full paranoia mode.

it’s ok about the AES128 vs AES256 debate , but :thinking: then why put something like this in the official docs ?

maybe they have just read it in a best practice guide or something else, that they should use AES256.
AES256 becomes especially interesting for quantum computers