Cannot download libraries anymore

Hi all,

since some days the Seafile client on all computers cannot sync any libraries anymore. No matter whether it’s a newly created or an existing one.
The client then shows the error message: "Information on downloading the package sources was not available: Please server error " . While “Please server error” (in German: “Bitte Serverfehler”) is the funniest “reason”.

But what is the problem with the clients or the server?
I’m using Seafile client 7.0.4 on Windows 10 and Seafile server 7.0.4 on a RPi.
Server update to 7.0.5 failed, which I posted here: Upgrade from Seafile server 7.0.4 to 7.0.5 fails

Hello all,

I’m still having this issue and wanted to ask if someone knows about that error and how to solve it. The error message seems to incomplete, since “Bitte Serverfehler” (“Please server error”) is no complete sentence.
I installed 7.0.7 on my Windows clients and on two of them I cannot download my libraries anymore.

“Information about downloading the package sources were not available: Please server error”