Cannot generate auth token

Hi guys,
Currently I am playing around with api documentation available here but I get stuck at the very beginning (Quick Start → obtain auth token). My curl command is not working as expected. Can you guys have a look at this?


How about adding a slash at the end?

Same result.

You can add -L to the curl command line to follow the redirect - but it would probably be better to first run it with -v to see what’s going on (e.g. in the Location header).

This is what I get

Ah - apparently you are using a domain which does not serve a Seafile instance.
When you try to open in your browser, you just get redirected to the Seafile Product Homepage.

What URL do you use in your browser when you login with the credentials you send?

Well yes, that’s not a Seafile instance. That’s just the customer portal of Seafile Ltd. where you manage your licenses and stuff.

You can only use the API at an actual Seafile instance. Like

Thanks for clarification.