Cannot login to server with OAuth provider that uses WebAuthn

I’d have reported this to the SeaDrive, but its issue tracker is disabled.

It seems that the Seafile Drive Client login form (shib-login-dialog) is unable to show WebAuthn related prompts. After entering my password at my SSO providers page (Authentik), the prompt just loads infinitely as it reaches the step where I’m supposed to use my 2FA device (in this case a WebAuthn Platform Authenticator) but the prompt is never displayed.

Essentially, I am completely unable to login to my Seafile instance with the Drive client due to being unable to authenticate.

AFAICT QtWebEngine does support WebAuthn, which makes sense since its chromium based, and the setup of the dialogue might just need to be tweaked a bit. It’s also possible some work done in Qt6 is required for this as I see that the Windows client is build with Qt5.

It would also be fine if I could login via something like an “app-password” but I believe the version of that which exists in Seafile only applies to WebDAV access. I’d be happy to be wrong here.

Perhaps others have run into this issue?