Can't access files in certain encrypted libraries via API

I have some encrypted libraries where I can’t access the files within via API access (webinterface, mobile client) After entering the library encryption password, I can see the files & folders and even upload files sucessfully. But when I try to download/open them, I got an error.

The corresponding error in seafile.log is

2021-07-14 10:24:55 access-file.c(391): Decrypt block a0bfaf3c-d58a-4fff-b2ec-c1f4b9107ead:e9ade530df40c4c65012723d3fea5e8a7c6131e5 failed.

Syncing these libraries works totally fine. I have full access, working for years without problems. That’s why I discovered this currently, because usually I don’t acces encrypted libraries over Seahub.

When I create new encrypted libraries, they suffer the same behaviour. On the other side I got old(er) libraries, which are fully accessible, no errors here.

I have tried different Seafile versions (8.0.3-8.0.6 CE, ENCRYPTED_LIBRARY_VERSION = 3) and even different servers, but they got the same problems (running the same Seafile versions).

File system integrity check doesn’t throw any errors.

Does anyone suffer the same or have an idea, where I might have misconfigured my servers?

I updated to professional edition 8.0.7 a couple days ago, and I started noticing this error today. Yesterday I noticed that I was unable to access files from the Seafile iOS app using cellular data, it only worked over wifi. Starting today, I have been unable to access any files on the iOS app. I rolled back to 7.1.21, but I was still unable to access files via the website or the iOS app. I finally rolled back to 7.1.15 and things seem to be working just fine once again. Initially I had a problem opening files that I had unsuccessfully tried to open through on version 8.0.7 or 7.1.21, but deleting and reinstalling the iOS app fixed that issue.

I previously had problems with earlier versions of 8 (8.0.2 I think), or any version of 7 higher than 7.1.15. I guess I’ll stick with 7.1.15 until this is fixed, because it makes Seafile unusable for me.

Are you strictly refering to encrypted libraries? Sounds more like general problems.

Talking to myself: I figured it out. Encrypted libraries with ENCRYPTED_LIBRARY_VERSION = 2 are still working, but all libraries with version = 3 are not accessible like described above. Version = 4 is working again.

So I will have to transfer all my data to new libraries != 3.

Thanks for sharing this!

Could you mark the topic as solved?

Well, I don’t think this is really solved. Feels more like a bug that I can’t continue to use v3 encrpyted libraries. Copying the data to a new lib would mean that I would loose all history data.

@daniel.pan Any thoughts on this? TIA

Also regardless which encryption version I choose, no thumbnails are generated. Is this a bug or a known limitation?

v3 encrpytion has a bug and can’t be used. You can use v2 or v4.

This is a known limitation.

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