Can't change FILE_SERVER_ROOT for windows client

I have a seafile installation working fine with the web client but when I try to sync something with the windows installable client it says server error.
The logs say the following:

[06/18/24 03:28:32] Bad response code for GET https://mydomain/seafhttp/protocol-version: 404.

It makes sense that is failing because my setup looks like this:

SITE_ROOT = "/nube/"
LOGIN_URL = "/nube/accounts/login/"
MEDIA_URL = "/nube-media/"
STATIC_URL = MEDIA_URL + "assets/"
FILE_SERVER_ROOT = "https://mydomain/nube-seafhttp"

So I looked around to maybe find a way to change FILE_SERVER_ROOT to not be just /seafhttp/ and instead be /nube-seafhttp/ but didnt find any.
Is there any way whatsoever to do this?

Edit: If there is actually no way to do this I will just add another nginx block to also pass /seafhttp/ to the server but that will feel dirty so please if you can help I would be thankfull.

I think you will have to do your plan B of making he /seafhttp/ address work. According to the seafile admin manual:
" Note: The file server path MUST be /seafhttp because this path is hardcoded in the clients."

That came from the “Deploy Seahub at Non-root domain or on custom port” section of the manual. Deploy Seahub at Non-root domain or on custom port - Seafile Admin Manual