Cant change history settings for libraries in admin area

Hi there,

i have history version settings for the clients disabled and 180 days is my default.
However, i cant seem to change the version settings for a libraries within the sysadmin panal anymore.

it says:
Die Einstellungen für Versionen von Bibliotheken sind von der Administration nicht freigegeben

Which translate to:
“The history/version settings for libarys has been disabled by the administratrion”

This seemed to appear some versions ago, i dont know in which exactly. I think i remember it working in 6.2 but 6.1 for sure

Im on the 6.3.2


But you can change them for a single libary?


i cant change them anywhere.

Its disabled in the config for the clientside, but this never affected the admin panel libary overview, i could always change it there. Thats not possible anymore.

I’m on 6.3.2 and I can enable/disable versioning and configure it in the options for a single libary. Don’t you have the button “Benutzer erlauben, Bibliotheksverlaufseinstellungen zu ändern” in your admin panel?

Yes but i dont want users to change the setting. Im talking about the admin libary view, shouldnt this be uneffected by the setting?! This was the case until 6.3.


I don’t remember exactly, but I think you could do this until 6.3. You should open a feature request.

Thats exactly what im talking about. For me its a bug that appeared in 6.3.
Like why should the admin account be restricted to change history settings? And why should this be changed by the settings you mentioned earlier?

If this behaviour is intended, the translation seems pretty far off.


@daniel.pan Can you confirm that this behaviour is intended to block the abbility to change history settings within the admin panel?


This may be a bug. We will look into it.


Hi Daniel,

any updates on this?

kind regards

We tested with the latest 6.3 version but couldn’t reproduce the problem.

Do you turn on the option: enable user to change the library history setting?
If you disabled it, even the admin can’t change the library history setting.

Thanks Daniel,

this is indeed the case. But as i remember correctly this wasnt the case in 6.2 or 6.1? IMHO the admin panel should be uneffected by this setting.

Kind regards

It would be great if the admin is allowed to change the library’s history setting independent to the setting “enable user to change the library history setting”.

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I totally agree. In previous Version this was possible and we wanted to have this feature. Please re-add it.

We will add it back.


Hi Daniel,

any updates on this?


I hope you haven’t been waiting for 12 months for someone to tell you that it was added back…

So I guess you can mark this as solved.

thanks! Couldnt find it in the changelogs.