Can't create new folders or files (MD or word) via Browser


I upgraded to 7.0.5.

When accessing Seafile with a Browser:

  • I can’t create or edit Markdown files, Folders, Excel Files, Word files or others.
  • I also don’t see how I can create a Wiki?

I can drag and drop files into the browser window and they upload.
I can also delete files on the server and they get deleted.
Also the Seafile client syncs just as always and normal.

Is there something that is different in 7.0.5 compared to 6.3.4 or what could the reason be?

I am not regularly using 7.0.5 CE, but I just tried to create, edit MD and office files as well as folders in our CE test system. Same thing with wikis. No issues whatsoever.

Did you strictly follow the update instructions?

Please empty browser cache (or try with different browser). Also purge the cache of memcached and restart Seafile. Good luck

Yes of course I did all these things.

I don’t know how to debug this.

There are no errors in the logs as far as I am concerned.

To me it looks like a permission problem but I don’t know where to start to fix this.

I apologize for not providing any new insights. Yet, if you don’t elaborate on your troubleshooting measures, how are others supposed to know?

Do you use any custom CSS? Please delete that.

I am very sure it is not a permission problem.

Hi Ralph

Thanks for this tip! It was a bullseye for the general issue with creation of folders and files that I had.
After deactivating the custom CSS, I am able to create files and folders.

What does not work in Safari is the editing of Markdown files. It gives the error message that “File can’t be saved”. But this works in Chrome. Maybe this also was a cache problem, I am not sure. I can’t reboot the server at the moment.

But what I can’t see is where I can create a Library.
I understood it should be on the left menu bar (see picture below).

I will have to look into this further but maybe I am just looking in the wrong spot for the Wiki?

Anyways, thanks a lot Ralph, this was certainly already going into the right direction :wink:

Glad I could help!

Use Seamate to give your Seahub an individual color code.

I am not sure I understand. Do you really mean library (or wiki)? If you want to create a library, you find the button in the top bar. If you want to create a wiki, just click on the item “published libraries” in the nav bar and select the library you wish to make publicly available. (A published library with MD files in it is a wiki.)