Can't create share links


I have no possibility to create share link on a file.

I have only the possibility to create upload link or internal link.
I would like to create a share w+r link for anonymous user.

I use the Community Edition 7.1.4 but i began with v 2 or 3 so perhaps it missing a setting parameter (i tried CLOUD_MOD on true but doesn’t work).

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A picture of what i have when i try to share a file.

Just click on the button !

I know that but that i want is a share link like in the manual book
not a upload link or internal link as you can see on the picture.

Maybe the french translation is confusing, but in your screenshot, when you click generate, it will most certainly create a download link! (especially with a single a .txt file selected).

Yes i’m confusing in my post between upload and download.
“Lien de téléchargement” in my picture is a download link but i want a link which give read and write access to a file for an anonymous user. That’s not possible for me but in the manual it may be possible. Here an extract of the manual :

Creating Share Links to Files or Folders
Share links are public links to files or folders. They can be accessed by anyone, including those who don’t have a Seafile account. You can also use password and expiration time to protect your links.
You can also set access permission to share links. There are three types of permissions:
Preview and Download: the file or files in the folder can be downloaded. If the type of files can be previewd in web browser, they can also be viewed online (e.g. Office files).
Preview only: the file or files in the folder can only be viewed in web browser, but cannot be downloaded. This is useful for sharing confidential data. For Office files, water mark can also be added to file preview. The water mark includes the link owner’s name.
Edit on cloud and download: Similar to “Preview and Download”, but if the file type can be edited in web browser (e.g. Office files), any user who has access to the link is allowed to edit it.

What i want is the emphasing sentence with a anonymous user.

The file type may be the cause. I think it only works with office type files.

No it’s the same with docx file. I’m coupling seafile with onlyoffice i can open and read it in onlyoffice but i can’t edit it.
In the same paragraph of the manual, it says that you can add password and expiration time and that’s not possible for me too.
When sharing a file, i can only make an internal link with all access (but you need an account in seafile) or a download link with only read access with no need of an account (the only option is to have a direct download).
Is that you have too in CE edition ? or do you have other option ?

The “can edit” links are a Pro feature. It was added in Seafile PE version 6.3.5.

In Seafile Community, you can integrate ONLYOFFICE, Collabora, but you cannot get the extra sharing links.

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I see in the changelog for pro edition :

Add a new sharing link permission “can edit” for docx/excel. Any login users can edit the file via share link.

I don’t understand. This feature is for login users but you can do that with an internal link (also with the community edition).

Never mind, the conclusion is that is not possible with community edition to share with write access an office file (with editing on onlyoffice) for someone who doesn’t have an account .
That’s it ?

Ok i find the problem for the password and the expire time (which is not my main problem).
In the, i have added :


and now, i can add a password and an expiration time for sharing a file but not the possibility to share a file with someone who doesn’t have an acount which is my main problem.