Can't delete folder


I’m running dockerized seafile community server 9.0.10.

There are 4 folders nobody can delete, no matter how hard we try.

It seems that accents are involved, but I haven’t got errors on other folder with accent.
We notice theses 4 folders doesn’t appears in SeaDrive. May be a clue.

here is a screenshot of the 4 “Collège *” faulty folders.

Capture d’écran 2023-03-30 à 12.35.39

Do you know a special command to force delete ?

You can check errors from the browser’s debug console to see which requests fail.

Hi Jonathan …
No errors in the seafile.log when we deleted these files …
but, error, when we moved them.
2023-04-03 23:57:59 start to serve on pipe client
2023-04-04 09:22:35 repo-op.c(3206): [move files] File Collège B not Found.

and no errors in browser’s console :confused: