Can't download / open files iOS and Android

I can’t open or download files in the iOS app or the Android app.
I have opened everyport that I can think of, 8008 (I have change the main port) and port 8082.
So how do I solve this issue? This is a big issue for me as I need to have access to my files on the road.

It works great with the Windows Client application so it’s nothing wrong on my server.

Please use a reverse proxy in front of your seafile app.
Nginx ist easy.

I did solve it, I did change the address to in the config file on the server.

Nvm it only works inside my LAN, when I disable my wifi on my phone I get the same issue again.

Do you have a guide or something to fix the issue?

Setup a reverse proxy locally.

I’m running windows version, do you have a guide for windows?

It’s basically the same, just Windows

SSL recommended.

Thanks but I don’t know where to find the Nginx config file.
I have only installed the Seafile server from the site and python 32bit.
Do I need to install Nginx also?

Does that guide give me https / ssl?

Then you should first read/learn about Webservers (Nginx/Apache e.g.) and how SSL works and is implemented. If you setup something that you don’t have clue about, you’ll have a bad time once something goes wrong.

If you just want Seafile working with SSL (Let’s Encrypt) I suggest that you use a Linux VM and the existing installer script for that.

Have a look here:

Thanks for the information, I did find a way to do everything with ISS manager at my server.
If someone else searching for how to make it https/SSL take a look at this:

check your upload and download as well as the timelimits for this. Otherwise you may run into trouble with uploading.