Can't execute executable from SeaDrive

Is this a known issue?
I just says, that it can’t start the program, because the provided path doesn’t exist.
Could it be something with SeaDriveFS and NTFS permissions?

Currently SeaDrive only allows the current user to access the files. So if an executable requires admin permission to execute, it has to be run as administrator. So the administrator user cannot find the path. This is a limitation we plan to remove in later release, before 1.0.

Hi, any news on this issue? I’d like to use Seadrive to sync my developper folder, obviously not allowing executable to run is problematic in this use case…



SeaDrive is Beta. The only way is to create a simple bash script who indexes the files and make them executable. This shouldn’t be a problem.

The problem is not that simple. Chmod +x doesn’t affect files in latest Seadrive beta on the Mac (0.9.1). Can we have an official word on this?

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same with 0.9.5

Any news on this? Is it a FUSE limitation?

Because of this I have to use both Seafile and Seadrive. Seafile for dev and script directories. When it can be fixed?

I have this issue right now on SeaDrive for macOS. No binary is executable. Even when I compile it again and put it on SeaDrive, the permissions are lost. On top, not even chmod can change that. Any idea what is going on?

Quick update on this: When I move the executable off the drive to some other folder on my Mac, I can modify permissions and the executable works again…but as soon as SeaDrive touches the binary, it stops being executable.

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Same here. Can’t use Seafile Drive Client for my development work because I’m unable to run executables.
@Jonathan is this limitation already removed, but requires configuration or does this still exist? If so, are there any plans to resolve the issue?

This will be fixed in the next version (3.0.8).