Can't Log-in Says Username/Password Incorrect

This seems like a basic problem but I couldn’t find a search topic for it.

I created an account with a very strong password (70 characters) in the customer center and purchased their $100 plan. I can log into the website customer service portal just fine with this username/password combination and see purchase order. Then downloaded the program and can’t log in. Sometimes there are password issues with complex passwords. So I reduced to 40 characters with no symbols. Still could not log-in to client. Did some research by search and some people said 8 character password no symbols sometimes works. Reduced password to that length, still could not log-in to SeaDrive desktop client. Always says wrong user name/password.

How can I connect to Any e-mail/username / password that I provide says its incorrect yet I can log into this website just fine. I don’t see any other type of account I can create.

Thank you I thought you will need to use the domain where you installed Seafile…

Maybe I have no idea what I’m doing, but I thought that by paying the $100 I could connect to and begin using their cloud storage. Is that not how this works? How do I log in and/or create an account? Is that separate from what I already paid for?

Deepest apologies if this is a stupid question but I don’t understand anything right now.

$100 is for 9 users on your own installation. They are not selling cloud storage anymore I believe.

Yes, these 100$ are for your own installation. You have to setup seafile on your own server or choose a hosting provider (like us). What do you want/need?