Can't upload through shared link?

Hi all - I’m running Seafile 6.07 Server on a Windows 10 box, migrated from a previous installation and URL on a different machine. I’ve been using it in its current configuration for some time and uploads/downloads/sync using Windows clients works perfectly. I’ve also used the web library (logged in as a user) to upload files from my PC without issue.

I needed to have someone upload a file the other day and provided a upload share link; however, it does not work - it either gets to 100% and says, “Unknown Error” or bombs out immediately saying “Unknown Error”. I’ve searched through prior instances and think I have addressed/confirmed all the possible causes, but clearly, I’m missing one. Any assistance would be appreciated!

In System Admin menu via web browser:


In Seafile-Data/conf/ccnet.conf:

[Network] Port = 10001
[Client] Port = 13418

In Seafile-Data/conf/seafile.conf:

[network] port = 12001
[fileserver] port = 8082
[seahub] port = 8000
fastcgi = false

I’m assuming there is one location where I have the wrong address/domain, but can’t figure out where it is. Let me know?



The Windows version is no longer supported.

Hi Daniel - yes, I’ve been holding out on the last native version of Seafile Server for Windows as it was working great and met my needs. I’m not familiar with Docker and can’t seem to find a “Install Seafile on Docker under Windows for Dummies” walkthrough, so am hoping to figure out what setting on my current install needs to be adjusted. The box I run Seafile on needs to be Windows for other applications it hosts, so moving to Linux (and limited familiarity with that OS) is also not an option.

I realize you probably haven’t thought about the Windows version for some time, but if you can advise where there might be any other config files that need to be adjusted, it would be great. It works perfectly for sync and upload/download as a logged-in user but providing a share link to upload does not (currently) work.


I did a bit more testing this morning. A share link works fine, and allows the recipient to download files from Seafile using that link without issue. It appears the only issue is the upload link.