Ccnet-db.c(460): Error prepare statement ... column 'type' in 'field list'


I get on my Pro 6.2.4 the following message:

ccnet-db.c(460): Error prepare statement SELECT g.group_id, group_name, creator_name, timestamp, type FROMGroupg, GroupUser u WHERE g.group_id = u.group_id AND user_name=?: mysql_stmt_prepare failed: Unknown column 'type' in 'field list'.

With my MariaDB under Debian Stretch.

Any ideas ?

Anything change recently from when it was working to when it was not working?

Did you run upgrade script? You have missing column in table Group.

hi @holantomas

yepp, I did, but I get:

This script would upgrade your seafile server from 6.1 to 6.2
Press [ENTER] to contiune

Updating seafile/seahub database ...

[INFO] You are using MySQL
[INFO] updating ccnet database...
[ERROR] Failed to execute sql: Duplicate column name 'reference_id'

Failed to upgrade your database 

Iā€™m not sure anymore ā€¦ I think, my latest version was 6.0.1, so I executed all scripts to the latest one.

cu denny


sorry ā€¦ my Seafile was very old (6.0.1 ?) and it was working ā€¦ and found this issue after getting the new version.

cu denny

Try run this SQL query. This add column type into your Group table but there may will be some more missing columns.

ADD `type` varchar(32) COLLATE 'utf8_general_ci' NULL;
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