Ccnet log spamming 7.1.4 CE


I got on my new seafile server 7.1.4 several times per second the message “start to server on pipe client” in the ccnet.log.
How can i stop this?

I have the same problem. The ccnet-server permanently consumes about 10% CPU and writes this line multiple times per second to the ccnet.conf logfile:
[09/15/20 12:21:27] start to serve on pipe client

Right now I deleted 180 MB of logfile. Is there any way to resolve this problem? After restarting the seafile daemons, no log entrys are written. As soon as I access the seafile webinterface or interact with seafile client, ccnet-server starts spamming the logfile again.

I’m using Debian 10 (Buster) with Seafile 7.1.4 CE.

My ccnet.conf file is not special:

ID = xxxxx
NAME = MyCloud

PORT = 10001

PORT = 13418

ENGINE = mysql
PORT = 3306
USER = seafile
PASSWD = xxxxxxxxx
DB = ccnet-db

Thanks for your help in advance