Ccnet log spamming 7.1.4 CE


I got on my new seafile server 7.1.4 several times per second the message “start to server on pipe client” in the ccnet.log.
How can i stop this?

I have the same problem. The ccnet-server permanently consumes about 10% CPU and writes this line multiple times per second to the ccnet.conf logfile:
[09/15/20 12:21:27] start to serve on pipe client

Right now I deleted 180 MB of logfile. Is there any way to resolve this problem? After restarting the seafile daemons, no log entrys are written. As soon as I access the seafile webinterface or interact with seafile client, ccnet-server starts spamming the logfile again.

I’m using Debian 10 (Buster) with Seafile 7.1.4 CE.

My ccnet.conf file is not special:

ID = xxxxx
NAME = MyCloud

PORT = 10001

PORT = 13418

ENGINE = mysql
PORT = 3306
USER = seafile
PASSWD = xxxxxxxxx
DB = ccnet-db

Thanks for your help in advance

Same problem here:

The log file has inflated to 450MB in a few weeks.
@daniel.pan Can you shed light on when the message “start to server on pipe client” is written to the log file? Maybe this helps to better understand what is going on here.

Can you check controller.log to see if any components restarted again and again? The messages is printed when another component connect ccnet-server.

The controller.log looks very usual to me:

What are possible components than can connect to ccnet server? I guess seahub and seafile-server (according to this chart). Could it also be SeafDAV?

I have the same problem here.

It seems that SeaDrive is causing this message ‘start to serve on pipe client’ to repeat every few seconds. I quit the SeaDrive app and the message stop repeating.

What OS and which version of the Drive client do you use?

Running Seafile Pro 7.1.9 on Debian 10 (Buster) and SeaDrive 2.0.9 for macOS.

I observe the problem on a Seafile Server 7.1.4 with exclusively macOS clients.

@daniel.pan Since the problem seems to be limited to macOS and Linux, it is maybe related to Fuse?

The client should not be related. We are going to release 8.0 soon, where ccnet-server is removed and such functions are moved to seaf-server. Let’s see if there are still many such logs in seafile.log in version 8.0.


Turns out Seafile was working just fine.

The log spam was caused by an all-in-one printer connected to Seafile via WebDAV. Disabling WebDAV made the log spam stop.