Change library folder location in Mac client?

Hi all - I have roughly 65GB in a Seafile library shared across multiple Windows machines and one MacBook. The Mac only has a 250GB SSD and between the Seafile library and other files is running critically low on space. I’d like to move the Seafile library off the Mac SSD and offload it to a portable USB drive. Is there a way to change the folder location of the client library in the Mac client? I’ve searched the forums but wasn’t able to find anything, and while I could do this pretty easily in the Windows client, I’m still a bit iffy on speaking Mac. :slight_smile:

Barring being able to move and reconfigure - if I delete the client and reinstall, is there an option to install to a different HDD? Been a bit since I installed on Mac and don’t have another machine to test with.

Any help would be much appreciated.



I can’t tell from your post whether you’re running the Desktop Sync Client or the Desktop Drive Client on the Mac. In your case it might be a better idea to run the Drive Client and set the cache size to something like 10 GB. Would that work?

Thank you - I should have specified that I use the Sync client on all machines, including the Mac. I haven’t looked into the Drive client in awhile, but from what I remember, you are essentially accessing the main server copy of the file versus a local copy that is then synchronized? Ideally I’d like to just offload the Sync library to a separate drive, but the Drive client sounds like it could be a good B-plan.

Thank you!

If I remember correctly when you first install the Sync client you are given the opportunity to select a folder as The Seafile folder. If that’s the case you can sync your libraries to a drive on any local volume connected to the Mac.

Maybe reinstall the Sync client and see if you can move your Seafile folder to an external volume when you setup again.