Changes to are not applied

Using seafile v7.0.3.
I’m trying to update settings in, but they seem to be ignored.

For example I’ve set up email details as described in the setup guide after seafile already ran, and no emails are sent. I have no email related entries in the logs, nor any errors. Another thing is that I’ve added some file endings (csv and tsv) that should be opened in collabora, but seafile still shows them in the default preview window. I’ve deleted csv from the text endings list, too.

I’ve already deleted seahub_settings.pyc multiple times and of course restarted seahub and seafile after making the edits to the settings.

What else could I try?


I’ve since tried to set something like ALLOWED_HOSTS to some gibberish, and that in fact gets applied. So my initial thought must have been wrong and the new values actually get read. However, I still can’t send email and still can’t open tsv/csv in collabora.


i got exact the same problem as descibed here but with the last Version 7.1.4 of Seafile CE.
The problem appeared after configuring the Collabora-Offic integration in
But also other changes will not applied.
I restarted seafile, restarted seahub, restarted the whol container (yes it´s a docker-container).
Even restarted the whole servers OS.

Any suggestions?

cheers Moe