Changing seadrive client mount?

I after so much trouble somehow manually installed seafile daemon and the seadrive applications since the shasums seem to change all the time because of updates and the AUR package doesn’t work after each one. That’s besides the point, the problem is that I am on manjaro and I can’t find a way to change the seadrive mount where it stores all the libraries and I really want to since there is no space on my home ssd and I would like to change it to my mounted drive, I even tried symlinking but it fails because the path is not canonical according to the systemctl status of home-user-SeaDrive.mount. I couldn’t find an answer anywhere on the forum I would reallllly appreciate an answer thanks a lot.

Can you be more specific on what you want to do?

I want to change the mount point of seafuse which by default is my home directory but I see no way of doing it, as even creating a symlink has failed as I said above, I would like to have seadrive be mounted on another internal harddrive and not the user directory.

Now I see.

If your issue is that you don’t have space for the cache, you need to change the cache folder location, instead of the mount point location. On Linux, the mount point is just a virtual file system. The files are cached in another location (~/.seadrive/data/file-caches). You can change that location from the settings dialog.