Clean database: Event table is empty (pro 7)


I always ran the mysql commands to clean my database, as is described in the server manual:

DELETE FROM Event WHERE to_days(now()) - to_days(timestamp) > 28;

This morning I discovered, that my Event table is empty. Five weeks ago I upgraded our server from pro 6 to pro 7, so I assume, that the new version doesn’t use the Event table anymore.

Is this true? What tables do I have to clean now? It would be nice, if you could update the server manual.


It seems, that Seafile 7 is using the tables FileHistory, Activity, and UserActivity intead of Event, FileAudit, and FileUpdate.

@daniel.pan : could you please update the server manual? Can the new tables simply be cleaned like the old ones (DELETE FROM …)?


We will look at the problem.


I just found out that you updated the server manual:

Since version 7.0, we is using the table Activity intead of Event. Correspondingly, you need to empty the Activity table.

Thank you very much.