Cleaning up the httptemp folder

Hello again,

I wanted to ask whether it is reliably save to cleanup the contents of the httptemp folder (containing mostly zip files) with something like
find /opt/seafile/seafile-data/httptemp/ -mtime +1 -delete



The files in this folder is usually removed by Seafile after it’s not used any more. So there should not be many files left there. But you should only delete the file there with Seafile server shutdown. Otherwise there is possibility that users can have error when upload files.


just found this thread. We use Seafile Pro 6.0.8. I just saw that our httptemp folder contains data back to March 2017. The size of the files is about 500 GB. Are you sure that seafile is deleting them? We are running a cluster with an NFS filesystem.

This folder is only temp storage for uploaded files over Seahub (web interface). So deleting files will cause error for user which actualy uploading some files. If they are using standard Client they will not register it.

OK, thanks. Then I will delete the oldest files. I stumbled across Jonathan’s remark. Seems that is doesn’t work with our server:

I think it never work. This should be destroyed by script. Your PRO server should it have online by Feature list (I have only CE)

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I do this with each nightly GC run. Works fine, no user problems.