Clear cache in mac

Hi, Ive read around the net and the forum about issues of seafile’s cache. At the moment some files for us aren’t syncing, some published libraries arent showing either and the solution to both was to clear the cache. But the commands we found online we all for windows or linux and they dont seem to be doing anything on the mac side of things. Any ideas?

Hi Aris,
welcome to the Seafile Community forum. I am sure you will find an answer to your question in the forum.
To enable the community to help, please specify the client you use (Sync vs. Drive client). Also tell us what you mean by “published libraries aren’t showing”. Do you actually mean “published libraries” (the way Seafile uses the term) or are you talking about “shared libraries”?

Hi Ralf,
Im not sure what the difference between sync and drive are.
I actually mean published libraries the way seafile uses the term,
it’s saying please contact the admin of the site and online it says
remove cache to fix

Hi Aris,
Seafile provides two different desktop clients:

If you don’t know the difference between the two, you find more info here.

I am still not sure what your problem is. Your description is vage to put it mildly. When you talk about published libraries, do you talk about the feature circled below? If not, you are not talking about published libraries the way Seafile uses the term.

Hi Ralf,
You keep asking but yes I am talking about published libraries.
I am using the syncing client

I have two issues

  1. One of my published libraries is not accessible through the link ( the one that makes it public basically, aka xxx/published/wiki/ )
  2. The second is that some files don’t sync in the sync client but they are
    seen properly on the browser version.

Is there any content in the file in the library “wiki”? If yes, please remove that and check again. In the same vein, rename the file “” to “” and call “xxx/published/wiki”. What happens then?

Log out and log back into your sync client. Check for sync errors in the log files.

Generally speaking, empty your browser cache and/or resync the library entirely and check if the problem persists.

@rdb Yes it has content. Even if I rename it the same thing happens, nothing within the library is accessible.

If I log out and log back in nothing changes. The log file says the following:
“Error when indexing”, “Path ends with space or period character” ( which doesn’t )

What will emptying my browser’s cache accomplish? Does seafile use my browser in some way?
I can’t resync the library entirely, it’s 200GB.