Client 6.2.5 on Mojave - Search and change of server can't be done in Main Window


I recently (3 days ago) swapped to Mojave from High Sierra.
Today for the first time I tried to interact with the Main Window:

  • Search for a Library
  • Change the server

The search for a Library does not work: I can click into the search window and a cursor icon appears, but when I type, it doesn’t show.

Change the server does not work because when I click on the server icon in the top left corner in the main Window, then the list of servers show, but when I move my mouse, then the list disappears again.

All I tried for now was a reboot and to close down my window manager “Magnet” just in case.

Does someone else have the same on Mojave?
What could I do to debug this?

Greetings, Chris

When I came to the office, I got presented to install a MacOS Mojave update 10.4.1.
The update just finished.
After the update the Seafile client 6.2.5 works as usual again.

So whatever it was it’s gone.